What makes us different?

Ysker has identified a need by its clients and the Business Community at large, for independent and objective advice, guidance and support at a close personal level, provided by a consulting firm which genuinely understands business.

The following combine to form the Ysker point of difference

A Proven and Consistent Track Record of Success!
Barry has now completed almost 3,000 successful recruitment
Assignments, achieving a success rate of 98.5% for all appointments made.

His definition of "success" is where an appointee is performing "to or beyond client expectations, 12 months after commencement".  

An established reputation for making quality Board Appointments.
Barry recognised early in his career, that good Governance in addition to outstanding leadership is key to any successful business; consequently he has also successfully concluded a wide range of Board Appointments.

Never before has the need been greater for companies to ensure they have right the mix and blend of skills and competencies around the Board Table.

A clear focus going forward and very much "core business" for Ysker, is to assist companies make carefully considered Board Appointments.

Leadership & Management experience
Which began by Ysker's Principal being appointed to branch management at 23 years of age, subsequently progressing to General Management, from there to running multi-branch and stand alone operations firstly in New Zealand and then Australia on two separate occasions. Most recently as General Manager of a multi- million dollar business, leading a team of 65 consulting professionals and support personnel in Perth, Western Australia for a large NASDAQ listed international Human Capital consulting firm. 

Business Ownership
Having personally owned, operated, purchased and sold businesses in our own right, we understand not only the challenges, frustrations and rewards of business ownership and leadership, but also the impact of the loneliness/isolation which can accompany such success.

Exposure to a broad range of industry Sectors
Ysker has had exposure to, involvement and consulting intervention in and across a broad range of industry sectors and business types throughout New Zealand and Australia. This has resulted in our gaining significant practical experience, plus genuine expertise and knowledge which we in turn can now share with our clients.

Importantly we also understand the regional variations and business styles which exist and operate throughout New Zealand and in each State within Australia.

Leading Consulting Organisations
Few people have the ability to successfully establish, develop, actively consult and also lead a successful and dynamically challenging professional service business......we have done and continue to do so.

Direct Involvement and Association with Leaders
Daily involvement with decision makers enables us to understand and appreciate the real issues and challenges of the day.

Solution/Results Focus
We will undertake only those assignments where we believe we can achieve the desired outcome and deliver upon. Our results therefore will be focused clearly not only on delivery but adding value throughout each assignment.

At Ysker we believe that any successful business relationship at a professional service     level must be that of a partnering experience for both parties. For any assignment to be successful we must begin by clearly understanding the brief, what is actually required by the client, then mutually identifying and agreeing the desired outcome/s and also acknowledging the impact/s. This will necessarily involve us in gaining a full understanding of our clients business, its culture, where it has been, where it is currently at, its challenges, its successes and importantly its plans and intended future direction.

We live on the "cusp of change"
Being constantly at the forefront of change, we understand the importance of constantly reviewing options, staying fresh whilst retaining a clear sense of purpose and direction not to mention the importance of avoiding passing "Management fads" or "change for change sake".

Personal service delivery
Any advice, guidance or service provided by Ysker, and its full delivery, is personally provided by the Principal, it is not delegated.

We will network with our strategic alliance and business partners in situations where we are not positioned to assist; we will happily recommend and connect clients to a known quality provider or take appropriate steps to identify those which are.

Ysker believes that developing a complete understanding of a clients business and its intended direction is critical and vice versa.

Proactivity on our part is an essential element in any of our relationships as we constantly strive to add value on an ongoing basis, regardless of whether we may be actively engaged in a particular assignment or otherwise.

Any intervention, service, recommendation, guidance or advice provided by Ysker is made on the basis of considered opinion backed by best practice/process, professional experience and considered personal judgement.

YSKER P.O. Box 27 Christchurch, New Zealand, Phone: +64 21 999 799
Email: barry.knight@ysker.com
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