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Ysker is a boutique, Board Appointments, Executive Search, Management and Leadership Recruitment Consulting Firm which also provides executives, leaders, managers, professionals and business owners and operators with objective, personalised advice, guidance  and support at peer level.

Created and led by Barry T. Knight, our business model and philosophy has been established and developed as a result of his direct and practical profit centre management involvement at senior decision making level and a lineage in the consulting industry which stretches back more than thirty nine years.

In particular, we recognise and understand through personal experience gained throughout Australasia in management roles, extensive consulting interventions, and business ownership capacities, the challenges of both leadership and business ownership, and importantly, the impact of the loneliness and/or isolation which can accompany such success.

Having sat on both sides of the desk, we believe that we are well positioned to assist and advise our clients through the adoption of a strong, pragmatic, communicative, service and solutions oriented approach as opposed to promoting the canned, product oriented or slick, fashionable process driven methodologies often sighted in today's market place.

The evolutionary nature of our attraction, recruitment, retention and employer of choice strategies and solutions for our clients, combined with our objective yet personalised approach and considered personal judgement is key to our success.

From the outset of any business relationship, we believe it vital for us to listen, to understand and very importantly to learn about the business operation and the culture of our clients. Ysker prefers to work in a close retained partnership basis with a small number of clients with which we share common values, where there is a degree of comfort and fit and where we believe we can add value.

The benefits to candidates and the people we consult with to assist in guiding and shaping their executive and management careers, are also built around this close partnering and communicative approach.

Ysker leverages its successful core track record in the Australasian markets by networking with strategic alliance partners operating in leadership advisory, executive search & selection, executive leasing and a range of human capital specialisations.

Ysker provides its clients with “An ear to lean on” in times where there is a need for 3rd party objectivity.


  1. Board Appointments
  2. Executive Search
  3. Management & Leadership Recruitment
  4. Personalised Guidance & Support at peer level to;
      - Company and business leaders
      - Executives
      - Managers
      - Professionals
      - Business owners/operators

Ysker provides "An ear to lean on"

Ysker offers experience, knowledge, wisdom

YSKER P.O. Box 27 Christchurch, New Zealand, Phone: +64 21 999 799
Email: barry.knight@ysker.com
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