The Eight Powers of Leadership

The following may be considered by many to be "BFO's" - Blinding flashes of the obvious - however we felt that we should share them as they do portray a slightly different angle on Leadership.

 1.  The Power to "Face up':

  • Willingness to demonstrate the person beyond the "Public mask"

  2.   The Power to "Pack up":

  • The Past
  • Look for a collaborative future
  • Embrace the inner adult

   3.   The Power to Discern:

  • Use the Philosophy of Epistemology
  • Life is the sum of our experiences and shapes how we think
  • Experience is learning
  • Always search for "the pimple on the face of beauty"

    4.   The Power to be Decisive:

  • Make decisions and show the way
  • Make the tough calls early

    5.  The Power to Merge:

  • Absorb/cleanse/clear
  • Take different viewpoints - shift to the possibility of hope

    6. The Power to tolerate:

  • Seek to understand
  • Difference in culture
  • Different beliefs
  • Go below the surface structure

     7.  The Power to withdraw:

  • One hour a day to stop and reflect
  • Know thyself to know others

     8.  The Power to Co-Operate:

  • To seek Co-Operation
  • To walk alongside
  • Develop/engage in team collegiality

The 8 Powers of Leadership was presented by Colin James who was a keynote presenter at our TEC (The Executive Connection) "Down Under" conference in Sydney some time ago. This information was taken from the notes I took during his presentation.

Barry T Knight - To learn more about Colin James go to:

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