Guidance and Support

Ysker actively guides and supports executives, managers, professionals and business owners, a service, which directly aligns with our director and executive search, management selection and Human Capital consulting interventions across a wide variety of sectors and business types throughout Australasia. Our extensive practical management and consulting experience combined with the third party objectivity and independence we subsequently bring to the table is the key to its success.

As with all of our consulting activities, tailored programmes are developed with each individual to ensure successful development and implementation occurs to meet business and professional objectives. The application of such guidance and support is broad but can range from situations such as:-

  • Career re- tooling
  • Career stall
  • Career derail
  • To align corporate and personal objectives
  • Address mid career challenge
  • Career repositioning
  • Overcoming career handicaps
  • Promotion from technical specialist to manager
  • Promotion from peer to leader
  • Remote dislocation

These are just a few examples of how such guidance and support can be used to positive and profitable effect for both the individual and the company concerned.

At Ysker we believe that such intervention is about developing a frank and honest learning process and cementing a plan on how to move forward. This sometimes requires us to be necessarily firm when it counts. Our methodology does not involve telling clients what they should do, it is not a therapy or counseling process, rather, it deals with the present and the future following an analysis of where a client has been, where they are at and where they wish/need to move to.

When working with Company/Corporate clients, we believe it vital; that any coaching intervention be very targeted in approach, whilst also ensuring that it embraces both the strategy and culture of the organisation to ensure an integrated “fit or meshing” occurs.

In many situations, our Guidance & Support capability can simply be a case of a company executive or an individual utilising Ysker as a “sounding board” for their thinking, testing assumptions and “throwing around ideas, suggestions and recommendations” before making decisions. This may be either on a regular basis or “as and when required”... referred to in our literature as... “an ear to lean on”.

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