Management and Leadership Recruitment

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Ysker works with its client, as an extension of the company's Board and/or Executive to identify, attract and select the right executive for a position.

Our definition of success is: "when a candidate is performing to, or beyond, client expectations 12 months following the date of placement".

The first stage in the relationship is for us to gain a full understanding and appreciation of our clients business, it's branding and market positioning and, to be knowledgeable of where and how the role fits into the company's executive or management structure. We then mutually determine and agree the core competencies required by assessing the exact nature and scope of the position and identify the skills, experience, background required by prospective candidates.

Finally, but very importantly, we identify the personal attributes necessary to not only function effectively in the role, but also to "fit with the company culture".

This is achieved via an in-depth briefing session with the client, one of the most critical steps in the entire process as a successful outcome is absolutely dependent upon it.


A comprehensive "Assignment Specification" is subsequently drawn up following the client briefing, its purpose being to confirm that our interpretation of the client's needs is both correct and in sync with our clients thinking. Further, it establishes and confirms the agreed methodology and reporting processes to be utilised. The document also contains our overview/understanding of the client company, encompasses the finalised specifications for both position and person, along with details of the total remuneration package, a recruitment budget and advertising schedule. It also outlines in detail the agreed recruitment project strategy, methodology and timetable. Our professional fees, terms and conditions of engagement are clearly explained and documented.

The recruitment assignment commences once the "Assignment Specification" has been agreed, finalised and signed off by our client.

Ysker places significance on the "total cluster" of elements necessary to develop an appropriate "candidate attraction strategy" and in order to conduct a successful recruitment process as opposed to focusing on any single component or methodology.

Another key consideration before the commencement of any assignment, is to assist our client establish it's "Employer of Choice Branding Proposition", something we believe is vital in terms of differentiating it between its competitors in the market by making an organisation a "preferred employment environment". 

Depending upon the specific approach adopted the recruitment process may include a combination of:

  • An advertising campaign. (Selected major dailies or targeted industry publications)
  • Internet advertising.
  • Direct approach to individuals known to us in the marketplace (or those who have been identified by the client as being of definite interest).
  • Utilisation of business and individual referral networks. ( local/national/international)
  • A database search of existing candidates registered with Ysker to identify individuals who may be appropriate.
  • Utilisation of appropriate web databases.
  • Collaboration with executive recruitment associates.
  • Thorough initial screening of candidates, conducting structured behavioural/competency based interviews.
  • Detailed candidate reports which are provided to the client prior to interview.
  • Psychological assessment. (This may be conducted prior to short listing, although our preference is for it to occur once both client and candidate have expressed mutual interest, usually following the first interview between them).
  • Targeting of specific areas requiring further investigation (points which may have arisen following the initial interview with the client) during the psychological assessment and reference checking stages.
  • Reference checking - this is deliberately left to the latter stages of the process to allow specific questions or areas of focus for the individual candidate to be added to our comprehensive, carefully structured reference checking procedure.
  • Ensuring that full results from the psychological assessment and reference checks are in the client's hands prior to the second/final interview stage.

Ysker also handles the offer and acceptance stage. We endeavour to make this sensitive process easier for the candidate which at the same time minimises the risk of counter-offer negotiations.

From experience we have discovered, that many candidates (even at senior executive level) need guidance on how to terminate their employment with their present organisation, we also provide advice and assistance in this area.

The successful finalisation of the appointment however does not signal the end of our involvement.

Success relies upon regular, scheduled and open communication with the client throughout the entire process, in addition, ongoing communication with the client during the early stages of the candidate's employment is important. This dialogue culminates in a formal "After Placement Quality Control Check", usually conducted between three and six months from the date the appointee commences. This After Placement Quality Control Check also serves as a valuable part of a continued review of our services, to ensure that the methodologies, procedures and processes adopted by Ysker are appropriate, effective and continually enhanced in order to achieve the best results for our clients going forward.

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